Cleaning can be a very tedious task, most especially when moving into a new residence. However, while carrying out general cleaning at people’s residence; professional cleaners often discover places in the house that is seldom touched even through light cleaning process.

We all have that part of the house where we rarely pay attention to while cleaning.  Unfortunately, such unclean places deteriorate and make one vulnerable germs and diseases. Scary huh!! It should be.

The first part of the house everyone notices is the Living room. It is usually beautified and brightened with attractive lights and attractive designs, but often while cleaning, we forget to clean the following places.

1. The lampshades

The lampshades are often ignored perhaps only because we remember them at nights. Most often these shades gather dust during the day when we are often out to work, and even so we transfer dusts and dirt to them when we switch them on at night without washing our hands.

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2.Picture frames

While cleaning, we often pay less attention to the picture frames on the wall since they are just there right, not knowing that the longer they stay on the wall, the more they accumulate dust and cobwebs.


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3. Light switches

Light switches all collect dust gradually; so also they may not look dirty but they harbor plenty dust. It is important to always clean the dust and clean them up with disinfectants.

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4. Ceiling /Standing fans

For many, the ceiling fan is too high to reach, so they forget or simply ignore to clean it. This is quite dangerous to our general wellbeing because the accumulation of dust in a habitable environment is unhealthy. If you are using a standing fan, unplug it from the socket, remove the nuts or clips depending on the design and clean it properly.

5. Throw pillows on the Furniture

While cleaning other parts of the living room, the specks of dust we try to remove often spread and fly around most times settling on the furniture and throw pillows. It is best to clean the furniture and throw pillows last so that dirt and bags of dust of other items won’t settle on it again.

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6. Bookshelf

Cleaning the bookshelf properly is quite important to health and to the books. If dusts continue to accumulate on the books, it weakens the texture and eventually reduces the life span of the books. Dust the books off, clean the shelf and rearrange the books properly to avoid them falling and tearing up.

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7. Electronic Set

The TV, Speakers, Tapes, and even remote controls are often ignored. It is advised to switch off all electronic items before proceeding to clean, when you do so, do without liquid of any sort. Just wipe off dust only except you are using a specially formulated cleaning substance to get it cleaned.

8.  Door frames and Door handles

We go out and come in every day, yet we tough the knobs and handles. Either we go out with germs after touching it or bring in germs when we return. Do not forget to clean this place when next you do you’re your cleaning.

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9. Plant vases/Pots

The pot flowers in our living rooms usually accumulate dust so much that we ignore it. If the flowers are organic, it is important to always wet it and clean the pot.

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10. Glass/Mirrors

For those who may have glass frames or partitions in their homes, the glass may often look clear and clean but surprisingly, after touching it, it will come off cleaner, this is because it has gathered dust on the surface and many people forget to wipe the dust off. Do this with a soft microfiber clothe and glass cleaner liquid.

These items accumulate as much dirt and the collection of dirt in these places could lead to situations that best are prevented. We hope you enjoyed the article. Kindly leave a comment if you have any questions or contributions.

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